Company name: IICIE Inc.

Specialism: Startup Scaleup and Growth

Pitch: We grow your startup into a Global Business Empire.

International Initiatives for Creative Innovators and Entrepreneurs (IICIE) is based out of Toronto, Canada and focuses on enabling innovation and entrepreneurship for Scaleup Startups.  Founded in 2012, IICIE delivers trainings, consulting and marketing services to enhance startups and enable them to grow globally. As part of the IICIE services, the IICIE Startup Program offers the ability for unique and innovative startups to expand internationally and beyond their local markets. It is IICIE’s mission to enhance, allow and promote startups to build local success by taking advantage of global opportunities.

Entrepreneurship NIche enabled by IICIE

Innovation, Business Model Development, Branding and Marketing, Content Strategy, Global Entrepreneurship, Community Development, Investors and Funding enablement, Social Sales and Customer Success

Website: http://www.iicie.com/


Company name: Polaris Growth

Specialism: Growth hacking lead generation (B2B) and online revenue (B2C)

Pitch: We help you scale your business without having to scale your team. By minimizing your costs and maximizing your revenue we increase your profit on both sides.

Our mission is to make digital growth a reality for entrepreneurs. We do that by turning founders into growth experts by giving them the tools they need to navigate business growth. Polaris creates digital growth strategies and works with entrepreneurs to make it a reality.

Polaris has developed a Growth Program for entrepreneurs. The program is based on a proven framework that solves five growth challenges. We help you every step of the way by developing a growth strategy, adding a tactical roadmap with quick wins and guiding entrepreneurs and their teams to make growth a reality.

Polaris Growth offers 4 programs to solve different challenges for you:
  • Growth Strategy: get clarity on growth

  • Digital Marketing & CRO: let our experts detect your weakest links and change them into opportunities

  • Sales and Lead Gen: maximize your leads, now and in the future

  • Process Optimisation: automate your most time-consuming processes

Don’t waste any more time and let us guide you to your North Star. For more information or a discovery call, contact Ewoud Uphof (tel.: +31611915145 or email: ewoud@polarisgrowth.com).
Linkedin profile founder: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ewouduphof/

Company name: CreateStartupsHere

Specialism: Start-ups, Growth, Tech development

Pitch: We believe in your idea, validating and growing your startup, not just with some fancy strategies. We can actually get our hands dirty for you.

CreteAppsHere started out as a team of techies that wanted to do more for their clients but what do techies truly know about the business? They usually just know a ton about the product that they’re building, right?
For this reason, we started to specialize and fine tune our service offering and bringing other fields of expertise on board. From that point we started helping two groups:
  • The dreamers; these are the visionaries that have a dream with for a revolutionary and innovative business.
  • Rookies; these are the ones that already started working on the dream and maybe, have even setup a business but want to grow even more.
Each of these groups, we help do the following:
  • Idea validation, especially for the dreamers; we’ll help you determine whether to proceed with your current direction or make a few changes.
    Why get overwhelmed by an ocean of uncertainty when we can help you minimize, all of those question marks around your business idea?
  • MVP validation, we’ll help you determine how to best proceed with your first or later versions of your product.
    No need to guess but let us guide you with actual numbers on what is the next best move for your business.
  • Business & Tech development; we mostly do this through growth hacking to grow your startup as efficiently as possible. If you’re going for funding, we believe that you can still grow even further.
    As mentioned earlier, we don’t just focus on business but we can also develop your web or mobile applications plus strategize on how to proceed in the future while achieving your business goals.
What do you think? Let’s get you closer to getting funded, we believe in you and you deserve to pursue your dreams.


Website: http://createstartupshere.com/


Company name: Business Innovation Design

Specialism: Business innovation & support services

Pitch: In our international network, we help transform companies so they can continuously innovate and grow to become more succesful.

Many entrepreneurs, companies and investors do not know how to deal with global/local trends and market-disruption. They simply don?t have the right knowledge, people, proces or innovation tools or they focus on the wrong activities. In order to achieve market-leadership through innovation means organizations need?to continuously innovate their -?products, services, processes, and?business models to generate value, differentiate, and achieve competitive advantage. Business Innovation Design helps you with a guided approach to: create value, deliver, maintain and scale from disciplines (including but not limited to):?design thinking, strategic foresight, lean startup, branding, big data, innovation management, business model innovation, and business planning.

BID programs help you to create/organize:

  • Venture design ( Innovation department or field lab)
  • Accelerator program for entrepreneurial support
  • Sprint sessions to Identify, build, test and validate in 1 , 5 days
  • Training to learn the Business Innovation Design approach
  • Advisory to guide companies with consultancy
  • Design and materialize your idea into prototypes, products & services

Don’t waste precious time, money and resources with the wrong business activities. For more information or to schedule an inspiring presentation, contact: Tjerja Geerts (+31(0)6-14664870 / tjerja@businessinnovationbydesign.com).

Website: www.businessinnovation.design

LinkedIn profile entrepeneur: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tjerja/


Naam bedrijf: Ripplestarters

Specialisme: Transforming good ideas into successful online businesses

Pitch: Ripplestarters is a proven startup methodology combined with the best startup professionals and experts in the field. We want good ideas to become realities.

The world is filled with great ideas, yet most of them never see the light of day. Why? Because transforming an idea into a successful online business is hard. We’ve been there. Many times. We channeled all of our experience into a 5 step ‘Pitlane’. It starts with defining your concept and the positioning of your brand. It ends with the launch and growth of your successful online business. Our dedicated team of conceptual, visual, technical and funding experts make sure your idea reaches its maximum potential. 

In control: we don’t take shares.
Guidance & focus: do what you’re best at, leave the rest to us.
Knowledge, network & expertise: we have 99% funding success rate.

Are you ready to start your ripple with us? Contactperson: Paul Beentjes. Telephone: +31636299306. Email: paul@ripplestarters.com

Link site: www.ripplestarters.com


Naam bedrijf: Audit à la carte

Specialisme: Audit services

Pitch: Task Management for Investors and secure audit efficiency

Investors who make lots of investments, can make some reasonable stabs at quantifying deal flow quality because they at least generate a decent quantity of data points. It’s just not a field that’s highly optimised for that kind of analysis.

Audit à la carte offers tools to increase operational efficiency and enables data driven decisions in the process.

Link site: https://auditalacarte.com


Naam bedrijf: 1nspiring Company

Specialisme: Start-ups, Business development, Growth

Pitch: 1nspiring is a practice and movement to empower entrepreneurs in creating opportunities

Our purpose is to help like-minded people to support them in business creation, transforming ideas into profitable businesses, from start to scale-up.

  1. Based on a strong foundation.
  2. Validated by happy & paying customers.
  3. And ready to grow together to the next level.

Because together everybody achieves magic.

Business expert in entrepreneurial practice and theories like Lean Start-up (Eric Ries), Value Proposition Design (Alex Osterwalder) and Customer Development (Steve Blank).

After a decade of starting-up and running small businesses, I am offering my experiences in business modeling to entrepreneurs to get inspired and fueled for action. Action is the key.

Feel free to contact me for any new business opportunity and/or mutual benefit.

I would love to follow up on those.

Link site: http://www.1nspiring.com

LinkedIn profiel ondernemer: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenezon