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Short Summary

It’s my pleasure to introduce my self to you.

I’m Mahmoud Ghanem, Architecture Engineer, Working as a project manager since 6 years. I’m married man and i have 2 children. my work between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

I have a wide experience in supply chain, Trading, projects management and human resources at middle east.

My campaign is very important to me because of many points.

  • This project is considered one of the most important projects nowadays as we don’t have any competitors now.
  • this project will gain a very good benefits for all of contributors “around 25% yearly”.
  • My campaign is to provide 60% from needed fund as i already provide 40% from required fund.
  • this project will change online shopping ideas and concepts in middle east.
  • this project will help people to live life easily and save money and time.

Management Plan/Vision/Desires

  1. Short lead plan:

Our vision and short lead plan is to establish the first online shopping grocery at middle east our start will be from Cairo, Egypt then we can move to all middle east cities.

We will work on developing our systems and purchasing ability to increase our supply chain power.

  1. long lead plan:

We will keep working on increase our investment to reach all countries and be one of the most important mobile app, website and supply chain allover the world.


What We Need & What You Get

We need to gain 60% from project capital as we already secured 40% by ourselves.

the contributors will be a partner with the same equity.

project required cost “regarding to feasibility study” shall be 125,000$ and we already secured 50,000$, that’s mean all we need is only 75,000$

We will use required capital as following:

  1. Creating Mobile application fees.
  2. Creating website fees.
  3. part of launching marketing costs.
  4. Hardware for systems.
  5. Contingency reserves.

the items which already secured:

  1. Storehouse rent fees.
  2. delivery car down payment.
  3. Launching grocery costs.
  4. part of Launching marketing costs.
  5. Supply chain system.
  6. Finance system.

Follow up:

We will provide all of our contributes with monthly report which contain:

  1. Current situation.
  2. planned situation.
  3. bank statement.
  4. marketing plan.
  5. work photos.
  6. any news.

also the can visit the office and revise any requirements.

The Impact

Our project and vision was built according to people need. also according to contributors interest.

  • For Contributors interest:

Our project according to feasibility study will provide them with at least 25% benefits after second year.

Mentioned amount will increase yearly according to our expansions.

Our first year we will not share benefits at First year because it is establishing year we will spend all of time in marketing and we will not focus on profits.

  • For people need:

we will provide them with all what they need, not only grocery but we will save money, time, effort and relaxing for them.

  1. Saving money:
    • With our good supply chain we can purchase products with prices better than wholesalers so we will sell it cheaper which insure we can pay more with less prices.
    • With our free delivery terms we can save transportation fees for our customers.
  2. Saving time:
    • For all people who work all the week and they go out for shopping at weekend, we will save their time to spend with family and he can order his needs online.
  3. Saving effort:
    • all our customers will receive orders at the door, no need to carry or go around to choose
  4. provide relaxing:
    • Easy to buy and receive by only choosing on your smart phone.

Success key:

We can success by many points:

  1. Easy to choose by categories.
  2. Provide kinds of product with applicable prices.
  3. Customer service 24H/7D wee.
  4. Purchasing from product sources.
  5. improve our system.
  6. Follow up customers satisfaction.

Risks & Challenges

It seems we don’t have any risk because we will be pioneers in our field, as you know no other competitors at current market.

But unfortunately we have a lot of risks and we already studied it and ready to solve it,

  1. Risk 1: People at middle east don’t trust online shopping!
    • This vision started to change and we will work on it by providing customers with good offers which will make them come to try, then by our customer service we will follow up with them to ensure client satisfaction.
  2. Risk 2: Middle east is very wide how can we cover it.
    • First of first we will start by soft opening with only selected slide at one of Cairo, Egypt district, to ensure our power and cover any mistakes
    • Then we can start district by district, each district we will provide storehouse and delivery system.
    • once we cover all Cairo, Egypt we can go to another cities and countries, all step by stem.
  3. Risk 3:The validity date for groceries is not long-term!
    • Our supply chain system including expiration dates, it makes alarm for us if it near.
    • with our delivery team we will work also in wholesaling with small grocery so we can sell our product very fast.
  4. Risk 4:What if another competitors starts from where we reach!
    • This Risk is validate for any business but we will face it by our “Customer loyalty program” which designed to make a good relation between us and clients “selling points, daily offers, free shipping….”

For all of you thank you to reach this point, wishing be a partner with me as soon as possible.




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