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Hemp, because of its very long fibres, rapid growth, and the versatile oil from seed,  can be manufactured into many products. It can competitively—both economically and technically—replace industrial feedstocks which are inherently polluting and unsustainable. Hemp fibre can be used to make bio-based plastics and construction materials. The long fibres of hemp can be used in making composite plastics which,  while not as strong as fibreglass, is strong enough for many applications. There are also worker safety benefits, it’s recyclable and is priced lower than glass.

When cultivated, essentially, hemp helps sequester or “trap” carbon from the air into plants. It can help us achieve sustainability and even move beyond to regeneration. We need to adopt it and people need to know about how versatile hemp truly is, the better.

The Secret Trees Equity (STE) Securities Token Offering

The Core (ownership) layer of Secret Trees is the Equity Token, STE. Ownership participation and all rights in Secret Trees will be contained within STE in the form of fundamental smart contract, which will cover key features including general voting rights, rights to profit distributions.

Access to the Secret Trees derivatives contracts (STS)

Individuals, growers and hemp producers are provided access to derivatives contracts trough our ST seeds backed token STS. This token entitles a user to access processing facilities and products, and “derivatives”-type contracts.

Secret Trees aims to become a producer and processor of hemp. It will release its equity in tokenized form, which will pave the way to implementing a blockchain-based platform for increased transparency and efficiency in the industrial hemp market globally.




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