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Mecca Americas 1st Startup City


This is a Project for a Startup-City, based on a combined,  unique Economic, Urban-Architectural, Industrial and Social Platform.

Actually, this City will be a Temple, where new advanced technologies, materials and fuels, never seen before, will be created
as a completely new concept of the City of the Future. 
To handle these brand new technologies, its Citizens  will need to have a new, different mentality / way of thinking and behavior.
And this City will have a new kind of Political Rule / Government and Citizen Communication and Interaction, to handle these technologies.

Mecca a Startup-City built on the Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice for the future of Posterity of the Moorish American community in America. Mecca will not only be known as the 1st Startup City in America and in Chicagoland but it will be known as a Holy Place where only natural works and deeds exist.

All businesses will be natural products from the earth grown and distributed from within the heart of the city. The City will have its own Horticulture and Aquaculture and Vertical Multifloor Farms, producing various kinds of clean fresh green veggies, fruits, and herbs for self  consumption and for sale.

Reaching a definite level of export sales will allow all the food in the City to be extremely low-cost or even free of charge for the Citizen

Products that will be grown in Mecca: Greens Collards, Turnips, and Mustards; Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries; Red and Green Grapes; Natural Herbs for Medicine and Teas; Cannabis and Hemp for Recreational products like Alternative Energy, Oils, Food, and More.

As Mecca grows the resurgence of the Moslems in America will as well given a new breathe of life to Chicagoland and other surrounding areas alike. Bringing peace and prosperity to those seeking to become better citizens and create a better future.

Mecca will be a city that is governed by its own citizens which will be official’s of the Moorish Government, their families and friends, and those seeking to proclaim their posterity here in America.

The community will be comprised of tiny homes built with Hempcrete and the energy grid will be a hybrid of a Hydroponic and a Solar Energy system, keeping all expenses cost effective and self sufficient.

The City will be fully assembled ( buildings + streets + infrastructure) out of  hempcrete, wood, brick, and stone.
These construction elements are the cheapest ones possibleextremely strong, lightweight, fireproof, water-proof, mildew-proof, stainless, UV-proof, 100% eco-clean.
These elements could be easily operated and assembled/dismantled, thus providing the opportunity for changing the home’s plan and premises sizes and shapes
by easily moving and replacing the walls .
300 sq.m 2 flat tiny house for example will be built out of hempcrete, wood , brick, and stone, by 2 men, in 3 days, at a $12,000 US. Each home in that City will have its own garden and pool, every neighborhood will have a sports playground ( tennis-court, basketball/volleyball court, etc.).
The entire City will be built inside a fortress with farms inside Modular Domes with controlled artificial climate inside
The City will consume and produce its own 100% Clean and Renewable Energy and Fuel – combined Solar / Wind power and  hybrid-hydroponic power & fuel for self-consumption and also for sale.
Reaching a definite level of export sales will allow all the fuel and energy consumed in the City in some moment in the future, to become free of charge for the Citizens.
No fossil-fuel vehicles will be allowed to move or park inside the City.

 All the fossil-fuel vehicles will be parked outside the City on special parking places, where nearby City Cars will be hired for movement outside the City.

The City will have its own clean tap-water production by capturing water vapors from the air at a cost, close to zero.
Based on the City’s export activities, a Conditional Basic Income (CBI) mass-funding platform could be introduced in the City for funding each Citizen according his/her basic needs. There won’t be any poor-people option in our City.

The development of the City will only be $650,000 to start which will purchase the property, equipment, build out, licensing, misc expenses, salaries and etc.

Our first year we will see 4 harvest which will be an average of $150mm per year. We will launch publically once we close 100 accounts nationally, which will set our city treasury up for reoccurring payments circulating our funds and funneling them into our next projects within the recreational and medicinal industries of cultivation.

Year 1

Revenue: $150,000,000

Expenses: $650,000

Gross Profit: $149,350,000


Amount of funding

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