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International Wholesale Supplying


This is a wholesale supplying of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Formal and Causal Clothing and Accessories that are manufactured from Thailand, Philippines and China. I’ve been doing this business for more than two years now. Targeting the retailing market from countries like Philippines, Nepal, United states and European Countries. After years of doing this business, we have discovered that this is a highly profitable venture to do.

Our main focus is wholesale supplying various goods to retailing clients and providing them a wider range of choices from designs to qualities yet giving them the flexibility of a very minimal quantity. We’ve discovered that there is still a big hole in this industry that can be easily taken care of with our own kind services.

We will be using this investment for properly launching this business in a bigger and a much wider reach. We will need the investment for buying stocks, proper warehouse and for marketing to get a wider reach of clients.

It is highly profitable that we can even guarantee an 8-10% monthly interest for any investors looking for loan terms and able to pay the full amount within 6-7 months term and not longer than that.




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