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Expansion loan for market need


The dazzling spectacles in soccer that mesmerizes the world in drowning passion during world cups, premiere leagues and champion leagues makes clear why soccer in the sporting industry, goes home with the largest profits of the world each year; according to Stock Exchange Statistics. There is therefore no doubt whatsoever why most big world investors see soccer as assured investment. While investors feel comfortable with current sports investment, a sporting revolution is currently at hand, which has the capacity to produce three times more profit than any existing sports has ever had. With the current scandals in Most Existing Sporting Federations that scares many, the advent of

Golden Age Soccer Association according to verifiable grassroots statistics, seems to be the Hope for passionate global soccer talents, fans and investors. The advent of GOLDAS with more than a hundred million followers, currently breaking grounds in Central, West, South and East Africa, with Europe and Asia in the pipe line, is eloquent testimony that its new laws that eliminate fraud, embezzlement, racism and favoritism, its oval shape field, the introduction of the white, blue and black cards, with jerseys lettered with letters of the alphabet, is now a glorious enchantment.

GOLDAS puts forth a claim to bridge the gap left behind by traditional soccer and to create a new standard for soccer of the future. We are building national, sub-regional and continental federations that will join with the International Federation to run national leagues and cups, sub-regional and nation’s cups and the GOLDAS world Cup (2018 – 2022 vision plans).

We have a media division, training division, manufacturing division, ICT division that will be responsible for bringing our related products and services to our large scores, scattered in the far flung regions of the earth. This new game and its related benefits has also been customize to work for primary and secondary schools and universities; reason why we are already in strategic partnership with the All-Africa Students Union for implementation in all African Universities.

The CEMAC and ECOWAS Youth Councils are already on board for youth benefits. All these prepare fertile market for our games and GOLDAS fabrics, electronics and minerals water and fashion. With the elastic employment capacities this new sports venture offers, many communities and nations see it as hope for their socio-economic problems of poverty and unemployment thereby making them ready markets for all our related products and services around our games. As a new concept, our Training Department is already making scores of millions through training fees (training game administrators, game Delegates, Games Referees and Counselors) and our games are already attracting huge sponsorships from companies interested in our huge crowds that makes good publicity ground. The Teams are already buying our unique jerseys with letters (which only we supply) and their fan clubs are in a mad rush for anything branded GOLDAS (caps, T-shirts, bags, shoes …..), coming from our manufacturing department. As we look forward in stabilizing our media department for magazine, radio and television, media licenses will certainly expand our profit margins. The ICT department will be rounding up the Software that every world federation will buy to run their cups and leagues … We are not talking of an idea to start, we are talking of an empire in motion with capacity for $ 18 billion a year in its early years if well stabilized. Re-scienced and defended at P.hd level, GOLDAS has sincerely re-scienced peoples passion in soccer, re-scienced the opportunities for soccer talents and re-scienced soccer sporting profit margins for the best.

GOLDAS has the capacity in the next 5 years, to produce three times more profit than any existing sports has ever had. Together with Investors, we want to invest in constructing more training centers, game fields, manufacturing centers, media centers, administrative centers (at national and continental levels) and organizing major impact global events like cups, leagues and awards in an effort to exploit this sporting business and give it the first place we intend it for in the 21st Century and beyond. Investing in GOLDAS with its therapeutic creative sports approach is a sustainable profitable choice. This plan elaborates to that effect.




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