Invest2Start Marktregels

Invest2Start BV, hereafter referred to as I2S, manages a digital marketplace where (starting) entrepreneurs can present their business plans and related financial needs (hereafter referred to as ‘pitches’) to potential investors or financers (hereafter referred to as ‘investors’) with the goal to attract funds through equity/liability.

Apart from entrepreneurs and investors I2S also grants access to the marketplace of suppliers that offer services and/or products to the entrepreneurs and/or investors.

Entrepreneurs, investors, suppliers and I2S are the so called ‘market party’. By entering the marketplace, they oblige to abide to the market rules.

I2S grants the other market parties access to the marketplace and maintains the right to refuse market parties that access. I2S has the right to require a fee to enter the marketplace. A fee, or adjustments to the fee, will always be communicated beforehand. When an adjustment is made, the market parties will have the opportunity to leave without owing a fee.

All of the market parties are free to do business with each other and enter into agreements. I2S is only required to follow obligations that stem from market rules and agreements where I2S is explicitly named as one of the participants.

I2S takes a lot of care to maintain their website. The information given on this website comes from the market parties. Apart from the information about I2S itself, I2S can’t vouch for the accuracy, integrity or comprehensiveness of information for any purpose. Information is given without a guarantee of any form.

I2S isn’t liable for damages stemming from, or somehow connected to use of the marketplace. This includes, but isn’t limited to, sustained damages, profit loss, or damages stemming from the use or loss of data.

I2S has the right to remove information from the marketplace for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • The particular information being against the law or rules
  • The particular information being racist, threatening, hurtful or offensive
  • The event that copyright or any similar right is violated
  • A pitch not having enough information to be clear and interesting for investors

I2S has the right to publish pitches that were previously shown on the marketplace through any channel they deem appropriate.

I2S has the right to approach market parties for matters such as market research.

I2S has the right to temporarily close the marketplace for maintenance purposes.

I2S is careful with handling information from the market parties. They abide to the rules of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). Data will not be shared with third parties used solely for the purpose of ensuring better service.

The data will be secured in a way that prevents unauthorized parties from abusing it.

Data about the most visited pages will be collected on the marketplace. I2S can improve their website and service with that information.

The I2S marketplace makes use of temporary cookies. A cookie is a simple and small file that is saved to your computer’s hard drive. They don’t contain any personal information and are only used to enable a smoother browsing experience.

I2S has the right to modify these market rules at any point by communicating so online.