Looking for investors?


Invest2Start offers entrepreneurs looking for an investor the opportunity to present their pitch to investors. There is no active mediation by Invest2Start. The matching is done entirely via the online platform. So, if you are looking for an investor, please read on.


But why wouldn’t a (starting) entrepreneur go to the bank or raise funds via crowdfunding? Because investors can provide the entrepreneur with practical advice and often give them access to networks with customers and suppliers. In addition, banks are far from always willing to lend, and if they do so, the possibilities are limited to providing loan capital. More tailor-made financing can be made possible with an investor.


The profiles of investors differ greatly. There are angel investors, informal investors and venture capitalists among them. The amount of most pitches varies from several tens of thousands to several hundreds of thousands euros.

Invest2Start does not screen investors. So if you are approached by an investor and you have doubts, look at our FAQ how to deal with this.

If you want to increase your chances of finding an investor, read this blog.


The process proceeds as follows:

  1. As an entrepreneur, register as pitcher on www.invest2start.com.
  2. Then you can submit your pitch (or multiple pitches if you have multiple plans). If you need any help with this, you will find the manual here.
  3. We check and publish each pitch. When the pitch is published, registered investors receive a notification email if the pitch meets their preferences.
  4. Pitches with a filled investor pitch deck in the attachment are also shared in our LinkedIn network (>30,000 connections) and in relevant Facebook groups. They are often viewed more than thousands of times within a day on our social media accounts. This leads to extra brand awareness and a lot of visitors to your pitch.
  5. Investors can contact the relevant entrepreneur directly.

But how do you make a professional pitch? Of course, there are more roads leading to Rome. We explain two options:

  1. Fill in an investor pitch deck template and upload it as an attachment to your pitch on our platform. You can find a template here. Of course you can also use other templates. Many investors will welcome more in-depth financial information. You can use the EY Finance Navigator to make the financial foundation. EY Finance Navigator is (online) financial planning software, specially designed for startups. With this software, you can make a robust financial forecast in no time, which you can immediately share with potential investors. You can upload this prognosis as an attachment to your pitch on our platform. Start here.
  2. If you have a financing plan, for example because you have already been at the bank, we recommend uploading it as an attachment to your pitch on our platform.

Please note that this is an open and transparent platform. Every visitor can see all the information. It is therefore not wise to put competitively sensitive information on our platform. This type of information can be provided conditionally to the investor after the first 1-on-1 contact. Mention this explicitly in your pitch.

Share your pitch on your social media accounts. Ask family, friends and acquaintances to like and share your post with your pitch. An example: on LinkedIn you get a point if someone finds your post interesting, two points if someone shares your post and three points if someone gives a reaction. The more points your post gets, the more people will see your post on their timeline. So you have a lot of influence on how many people will see your pitch.

Do you have any questions? Check or FAQ. Please contact us via the contact form if you don’t find the information you’re looking for.