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We kindly request that you fill in the contact form with details about the problem. We will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We kindly request that you fill in the contact form with details about the problem. We will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Financing Options

    • Loan:
      Loans come in all shapes and sizes. (revolving credit, personal loan, mortgage loan, etc.). There are also several ways to pay off this the loan (linear, annuity, etc.). Invest2Start chooses ask only for interest rate and duration so as to not exclude options. It’s up to the investor and the entrepreneur to negotiate their personal preference.
    • Participation
      An investor can become co-owner of (the stocks in) the venture. The capital (Equity, shared capital and  reserves) invested into  the venture doesn’t pay interest or repayment. The participant does have rights to dividends and/or money generated by the increase of value of the venture. Apart from money, the participant can actively run the venture and, for example, take care of the financial side of things. It’s possible to customize your collaboration such that the entrepreneur maintains final say over the venture.
    • A combination of the above.

Pitch submission

We support PDF, Powerpoint, Word, Excel and PDF files. JPG is accepted for the photos.

If you want to know what you can do yourself to increase your chances of finding an investor, we recommend you to read this blog.

If you want to know what a professional pitch consists of, we recommend you to read this page.

Yes, read this blog if you want to know more about it.

Try to give enough information to pique the interest of investors, but not enough to give away your secret formula. If your plan is based on information you don’t want to, or cannot share, it’s better to state that up front in your pitch.

We kindly request that you fill in the contact form with details about the problem. We’ll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Pitches are screened for quality before publication. Given that Invest2Start decides not to publish the pitch the entrepreneur will be informed as to why.


All our services are free for investors.

For the rates to publish a pitch we refer you to our page with rates.

Whether Invest2Start plays a part in the agreement between a (starting) entrepreneur and an investor depends on the entrepreneur and investor. In case the necessary knowledge and experience is already available, it’s generally not necessary to involve a specialist. If you feel you do have a need for one, you can visit the Services page to see how Invest2Start can help with that.

Banks like collateral and don’t like risks; an investor can bring equity, share capital and provide reserves or a subordinated loan. As such, a bank will be more likely to agree to loan out additional funds.

It’s somewhat difficult to answer this clearly. Looking online, the differences will make themselves clearer. Do keep in mind that what one person calls an informal investor could be called a business angel by someone else.

No. The AFM came to the following conclusion about our services: “Orders with regards to financial tools do not go through the platform of Invest2Start. Invest2Start also does not place financial tools with investors. It seems there’s no case of offering investment services as mentioned in the WFT”… “On the Invest2Start website, potential investors find businesses to invest in. As soon as the investor has further interest and wants to invest, he or she contacts the business without further interference from Invest2Start. This means Invest2Start acts as a bulletin board and therefore doesn’t need a permit or exemption”.

No. This is an open and transparent platform where anyone can view the pitches. Therefore Invest2Start can never prevent entrepreneurs who placed their pitch to be approached by an unreliable investor. If there is any doubt about the reliability of an individual, we recommend that you obtain the following information from the individual concerned:
• copy ID;
• Private and business contact information.

With this information the individual can be screened. In most cases, if it is an unreliable individual, you will never hear from this individual again.. When the obtained data is provided, a screening can be performed by companies like the Dutch Detective Agency, LexisNexis or Quso.


There is no clear-cut answer to this. Here are a few points, which (combined) may indicate a fraudster:
1) the person claims to work for a company but is not mentioned anywhere on the company’s website. In this case, you could email the company with the question whether they have someone employed with the name of the person concerned;
2) the person claims to be working for a company, but emails with a Gmail or Hotmail account;
3) The person first wants to get money from you before investing. Often the reason given is that this is an insurance policy;
4) The person in question does not speak the language in which you submitted your pitch. In this case, ask for the translation of the pitch.