Thanks to my interim management work I had some money saved up and I wanted to do more with it. Putting it into a savings account doesn’t really do much: low interest and no adventure. I went online to read up on investment possibilities in the MKB(+). To my surprise I couldn’t find a platform that filled my needs. I did find a few platforms for investor funding, but there were high thresholds to use those. You generally couldn’t get in direct contact with the entrepreneur and just signing up was pretty costly.

Thus, I started Invest2Start so entrepreneurs looking for financial resources and investors could actually find each other easily. No middle man and no thresholds. Because I wanted an experienced sparring partner I started looking in my own network for an investor. Not just to help me finance my project, but mostly to use his knowledge, experience and network.

With this platform we hope to make the market of investment funding transparent and accessible for all entrepreneurs looking for financial resources!


I’ve been an entrepreneur for quite some time now and co-owner of multiple ventures. I hired Eric van der Veen as one of the first employees in one of those ventures. At that point he was already enterprising and he later on joined me as co-owner at my request. Even after we had to dissolve this venture with numbers in the black we stayed in touch.

When Eric asked me to participate in Invest2Start I was already excited because of my trust in him, even before I fully grasped what the business plan was. This excitement stayed after I took a closer look at the plan and my own analysis of the market. It is with great pleasure that I invested in Invest2Start and will stand next to Eric to assist and advise.


My passion for customer contact originates from my various job experiences at Customer Contact Centers. For me the following step was to complete my Process Management Masterclass. Since then I like to examine customer-related processes to optimize them.

When Eric told me about his plans for Invest2Start a while ago, I immediately told him that I wanted to join as a consultant. For me, it’s a constant and enjoyable challenge to make sure entrepreneurs and investors find each other at this platform in a customer friendly way. The ultimate goal is to help new and existing companies to find an investor. And it’s not just the financial aspect that is of importance: the investor’s knowledge and existing network are of great value too.

Entrepreneurs looking for financial resources can present their pitch through our platform to investors with the goal to:

1. bring the plans of the (starting) entrepreneur to fruition

2. bring returns to the investor.


Invest2Start brings (starting) entrepreneurs looking for financial resources and investors together without a middle man.


Invest2Start doesn’t charge investors.


Invest2Start creates a low treshold for participation on the platform (for example there is no minimum amount of funding).