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epickmart-Online grocery solution

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epickmart is an Indian online grocery delivery service. It was founded in April 2017 and is based at

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AVG/GDPR RiskRhino solution successfully launched by investment platform Invest2Start

``RiskRhino offers a unique GDPR application that supports all aspects of compliance with this new legislation. Partly as a result of the investment through Invest2Start, RiskRhino successfully launched the application and has already supplied GDPR software to a number of medium-sized and large organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. This will make these organisations GDPR compliant. In addition, direct partners such as NewDay, CTAC, Bcon-PRO, duRoi accountants, Comparex and Certification Advice Netherlands are also affiliated to support organizations to efficiently deploy RiskRhino so that they can make full use of the benefits of this application and thus become compliant``.



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